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Tik Tok Challenge

Dear OUHSD Families;

First, I want to thank you for talking with your students about last month’s “Devious Licks” Tik Tok Challenge.  As a result of that challenge, we have had to close bathrooms, have spent over $4000 to replace or repair damaged or stolen items, as well as numerous hours of time for our maintenance department.

Next, I am reaching out to you today to alert you to a new set of Tik Tok challenges that are being publicized, and are greatly more disturbing than the previous one. These involve battery, sexual assault and other physical harm to and violation of students and teachers. I would like to ask you to again partner with us in informing your student about the incredibly serious nature of and consequences of participating in these challenges.  For example, a “slap your teacher on the backside” challenge is considered battery, per the Education Code, and a student participating in this will be suspended, recommended for expulsion and referred to law enforcement.  Other challenges involve grabbing an individual's body parts--including sexual organs--kissing or otherwise touching someone without their consent, making sexual advances, and more, and each of these are considered sexual assault.  Sexual assault carries more serious consequences than battery, including criminal prosecution.

Our schools intentionally plan fun activities, spirit days and more in order to make our schools fun places for students to learn and to socialize.  Our PBIS awards system rewards students for making safe, responsible and respectful choices. We know that students need these fun activities just as much as they need to learn, and these Tik Tok challenges may appeal to the risk-taking rush and reward that some students are seeking, but they are also mean-spirited and dangerous. 

We were hoping that these Tik Tok challenges would come to an end, and hopefully, the alert about these upcoming challenges is just rumor and these will not come to fruition.  However, we need to err on the side of caution and alert families and our staff when there is a situation that could put our students at risk, and we also know that our families play an important role in helping to reinforce appropriate behaviors and choices at school. We thank you for talking with your student about refraining from participating in these challenges and the consequences if they do.


Dr. Corey Willenberg