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Vaccine Mandate Information

October 5, 2021

Dear OUHSD families;

​​Last Friday Governor Gavin Newsom announced a student vaccination mandate which would require COVID-19 vaccinations for both public and private California students and staff once the vaccine is fully authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for each respective age group. This sudden announcement has generated many questions, some which we can answer now, and some which we can answer when more information becomes available. 

When does the mandate go into effect? According to the Governor’s announcement, the mandate could take effect July 1, 2022 for students in grades 9-12, as well as staff, for the 2022–23 school year.  Should the COVID vaccine receive full FDA approval for youth ages 12–15 before January, then it is possible that this requirement will go into effect in January 2022. 


Who is involved in the decision-making process? We realize there are many in our community who are very concerned about this development and others that support the decision. As a district, we are obligated to implement and follow state Health and Safety Code requirements, laws and regulations, and the vaccination requirement, which falls under sections 120325 - 120380 of the California Health and Safety Code. Our school board, district administrators, principals, teachers and staff are not involved in this process or decision-making. The California Department of Public Health will initiate the rulemaking process and write regulations which will address details surrounding the requirements such as the process and scope of medical and personal exemptions. Public comments to the California Department of Public Health will be established in Sacramento. If you have opinions that you would like to share about this new regulation and/or provide input on the rulemaking process associated with this new mandate, please direct those to the California Department of Public Health:

Please do not submit exemption requests to schools or the district at this time. We will follow up with additional information regarding exemptions once more information is available from the CDPH.

Due to the likely implementation date, we have time to understand the announcement and the eventual guidance.  We will share further information with you as details emerge, and we are currently developing a frequently asked questions page about vaccinations on the COVID-19 page on our website.  We will continue to keep you apprised of the latest developments as we receive more information from the California Department of Public Health. 



Dr. Corey Willenberg