OHS Administration and Attendance Offices


  • Cristi Tellechea,

    Cristi Tellechea, Principal  X3301

    • Christina Olson - Principal's Secretary  X3308
    • Brenda Watts - Registrar   X3300
    • Jessy Steinmann - Supplemental Ed Tech / Testing Coordinator  X3302

    Durell Siplin, Asst. Principal

    Durell Siplin, Assistant Principal  X3335

    • Mark Conway - Universal Support
    • Lenny Stafford - Campus Supervisor
    • Brandon Giles - Campus Supervisor

    • OHS Discipline Plan



  • Attendance Office

    Michela Monnot - Attendance Secretary - X3310
    Christine Wimberly - Attendance Secretary X3311





    The Governing board believes that regular attendance plays an important role in student achievement. The board recognizes its responsibility under the law to ensure that students attend schoo 

    l regularly. Parents/guardians of children aged 6 to 18 are obligated to send their children to school unless otherwise provided by law.  Students are expected to attend all classes and to be on time unless properly excused. Legitimate excused-absence reasons include:

    1.    Illness
    2.    Visitation to a medical office, clinic, doctor or dentist
    3.    Funeral of an immediate family member
    4.    Quarantine of the home
    A student absent from school is responsible for verifying the reason for his/her absence either with a note or a telephone call from a parent/guardian. Students must take their absence note to the attendance office before school begins, at break, during lunch or after school. Students must clear the absence within three days (72 hours) or receive a truancy.

    The district allows a parent to excuse his/her student’s absence up to ten days without verification of illness from a medical professional. Students too ill to attend school after the ten days must bring verification of illness from a medical professional on their return to school. Anytime your child has a doctor's appointment and/or documentation requiring them to stay home from school, this documentation must be turned in immediately when your student returns to school. These absences will be recorded verified and not take way from the ten-day parent excused limit. If your child is under the regular care of a physician for a serious or chronic condition, or they are directed to stay home by a medical professional before the ten days are reached, you should provide the verification at that time. Absences for illnesses not verified after ten days will be marked unexcused and subject the student and/or parents to compulsory education law guidelines.

    Referral Process to Community Day School

    The student is referred by a School Attendance Review Board / District Attorney Truancy mediation process or the district referral process. The District referral process is defined as follows:

    •  The student has been deemed a habitual truant by the school sites when the student has received three letters from the school sites as outlined in the District SARB / Truancy Mediation process and still is not attending school on a regular basis;
    • Site administrator/designee will meet with the parents/guardians of the student and the student to develop an attendance contract;
    • If the student fails to sign the contract or does not show up for the meeting with the site administrator/designee or does not fulfill the terms and conditions of their attendance contract, the student will be referred to the Oroville Union High School District Community Day School to continue their education.