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Adult Transition Center ATC

The Adult Transition Center is a community based public education program operated by the Oroville Union High School District and is designed to assist individuals with disabilities in the transition from school to adult life. The ATC is a collaborative effort between young adults, parents, Oroville Union High School District, and adult service providers. A student-centered approach is used in which the individual’s needs and desires are paramount in all decision making.

Young adults participating in the ATC will be between 18 and 22 years of age and have a mild to severe disability with continuing transition needs. The young adults enter the ATC program after high school in order to continue work towards a certificate of completion.

The Adult Transition Center program is based in a building in the community, not at the high schools even though the young adults served are still enrolled in school. All services offered on each student’s IEP as well as school bussing and the benefits of the school lunch program continue to be provided just as they were in high school.

ATC addresses the following instructional areas: Independent Living, Vocational Training, Social Awareness, Leisure/Recreation, Continued Education/Training, and Life-long Learning Opportunities.