• Oroville Union High School District
    Hall of Fame
    Congratulations to the Class of 2022:  Halcia Bower, Kevin Brown, Florence Danforth Boyle, Dr. Dave Daley, Christopher Dolder, Dr. Michelle Stevens, Dr. Kendall Thomas, Anthony Walker,
    Sally Walker-Glaude' and Bryan Zollner.  Click on their name under "Hall of Fame Members" on the left-hand side of this page to read their complete biography.

    The purpose of the Oroville Union High School District Hall of Fame is to recognize Oroville Union High School District graduates, employees, and major contributors who have distinguished themselves by their individual contributions in scholarship, athletics, Associated Student Body (ASB) activities, career, community service, and/or society as a whole. The permanent honor of being elected to the OUHSD Hall of Fame will represent individuals who, through their individual actions, have contributed to the established vision of the District.

    Selected Hall of Fame members will demonstrate the positive impact that the high schools of Oroville have made on individuals from our community. Selected Hall of Fame members will continue to serve as a positive role model, providing inspiration, hope, support and relevance to our current students as they progress through their own areas of study, athletics, extracurricular activities, or community service.

    Please contact Paula Blaney at (530) 538-2300, extension 1107 or pblaney@ouhsd.net for more information.