• School Transfers

    Inter-District Transfers
    The district allows it's students to transfer to other school districts and also accepts students from other school districts.  The transfer process must be started with the district in which the student resides.  Transfer requests for the following school year may be submitted to the Superintendent's office as early as January.  Parents/guardians will be notified of the district's decision within 30 days.  

    Intra-District Transfers
    The district allows students to transfer between Las Plumas High School and Oroville High School and vice versa.  A transfer form is mailed to each incoming freshman in November based on the residence address on file with each middle school. A transfer notice will be announced in the daily school bulletin for upperclassmen. Transfer forms are due back to the Superintendent's office on or about January 10th.  Transfers received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list and processed based on availability of classes.  If a transfer is denied due to lack of availability of classes, the parent may contact the Superintendent's office in December of the existing year to see if the transfer can be processed for the second semester.

    Inter-District Transfer Form
    Intra-District Transfer Form

    Please contact Paula Blaney at pblaney@ouhsd.org or (530) 538-2300, extension 1107, if you have any questions.