• Program Design

    The OUHSD Community Day School is designed to assist students to modify behavior, earn academic credits and complete all of the requirements necessary to earn a high school diploma.   One of the key elements in this plan will be the ability of the Principal to transition students into appropriate educational placements within the alternative education program.  The Principal will work with the Superintendent and/or designee to insure that expulsion plans are considered in addition to the student’s progress in attendance, appropriate behavior, and academic achievement (credits) (ABC’s) when considering transitioning students between alternative education sites.

    The program is designed into four levels that will focus on a variety of student’s behavior and academic abilities in grades 9-12. The Principal and CDS staff will meet regularly to determine student transition between the four levels. The students will be placed on a level by earning the designated amount of points each level requires. These points are earned by following the progress and achievement stated above (attendance, appropriate behavior, and academic achievement).  Points will be given to students each hour by an instructor or staff member. Students will be in charge of these points through a Daily Assessment Report (DAR) that is collected by the staff at the end of the day. Students are responsible for these DAR’s, which assesses and displays their progress while they are enrolled at CDS. At any point in time a student can have their points “frozen” for a 5 day time frame while they demonstrate that they will come to school, complete their work, and adhere to appropriate behavior guidelines.  These “freezes” can result because of a suspension or a walk off. The Principal will have discretion to assign students to the appropriate level, depending on their academic and behavior history, as well as their expulsion plan.  In order for students to meet the terms and conditions of their expulsion order, they must successfully complete all aspects of their expulsion order and currently have earned Level 3 status at a minimum.