• Las Plumas High School is located at 2380 Las Plumas Avenue, Oroville, California.  Situated in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Las Plumas High School was established in 1960 to accommodate an impacted and overpopulated Oroville High School.  The following is an excerpt from the 1961 address of Louis P. Martinelli, the first principal of Las Plumas, “On May 16, 1961, the local paper announced the students of Las Plumas had selected the “Thunderbird” as the school insignia.  It was strange and significant that during that evening there was thunder and lightning with accompanying rain.  This, we feel, was in recognition of our name and the beginning of another of our legends.  This was a real first in the history of our school, but you will be our first graduation class (1965).  The honor and experience of starting a new school only happens once, and what you are establishing here will endure and be followed by generations of students.  You are putting down the roots by which Las Plumas High school will grow and become great.  What you are starting will continue as the years pass.”  The Las Plumas High students, staff and community stakeholders strive to maintain a school that is safe, responsible and respectful and to educate students to become productive, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


    Currently, Las Plumas High School is the larger of the two comprehensive high schools with 1324 students and nearly 100 staff members.  The population is comprised of students living in the surrounding 723 square miles and graduating from one of several elementary districts.   Las Plumas offers a traditional time schedule with six periods of class; each 61 minutes in length three days a week and on Mondays and Wednesdays provides Consultation Period schedule which allows for a one hour consultation time at the end of the day with 50 minutes for each class.  


    The original buildings have been supplemented during growth phases by 40 portables. Bond Measure J, which passed in 2002, provided the monies for the recently constructed gymnasium, agricultural science lab and classroom, and fine arts complex.