• Math Resources
    • www.AOLAlgebraReview.com - Free Algebra help in English and Spanish.
    • www.hotmath.com - Hotmath.com is free to CPM students  -- all the CPM resources are available to anyone who goes to the website.  Students can get hints on problems and/or step by step solutions to any homework problem (not to worry, no classwork problems are made available).
    Science Resources
    • National Science Digital Library - Searching for clues in science try this resource.
    • Ask an expert - Try here if you can't find the answer at the National Science Digital Library
    • www.scienceyear.com - Lots of cool science.
    • CyberEd Online - An interactive program and website for studetns.  We have biology, chemistry, and earth/physical sciences programs.  The student will need to check with their teacher regarding signing in at home for the internet.