• Education has been thrown a lot of curveballs in the past year, and we know that our students are working hard as they transition back to full-time learning. In addition to their school-level recognition programs, the OUHSD would like to recognize students who are making a difference, whether it’s by helping others, reaching higher in their academic and personal pursuits, and more. The help may have been a small gesture or a large undertaking; we want to hear all about it!

    January 2022 Student Spotlight

    Each student received a Yeti tumbler and a $10 Starbucks Gift Card

    Earl Cantiga (LPHS Senior):  Nominated by Tasha Cummings for demonstrating a strong work ethic, employing interdependence as needed, and being respectful/kind.

    Kimberly Fary (OAE Student):  Nominated by Miriam Otto for being an excellent student. She completes her assignments in a timely manner and has never missed an appointment. I admire her dedication!

    Brynton Popejoy (OHS Senior):  Nominated by Marta Shaffer who she's had in classes for the past three years and is an absolute joy. Always engaged, focused, and funny.

    Lily Vaughan (LPHS Freshman):  Nominated by Bobby Hastings for being a student in his Freshmen 9 PE class this year. She is such an incredible young lady and a topnotch student. She is one of the hardest working students that I have ever had in my class. She loves PE and is one of the most positive and pleasant students that I currently have. She is very deserving.

    January 2022 Staff Spotlight

    Each staff member received a Yeti tumbler and a $10 Starbucks Gift Card

    Shaina Dickerson (OHS Spanish/Math Teacher)  Nominated by Malissa Vasquez:  Ms. Shaina recently offered my daughter support during a time of personal struggle. In talking with my daughter afterward, I learned that she often turns to Ms. Shaina when she’s having a really hard time coping with life’s stressors & Ms. Shaina welcomes her without question, always ready to listen if needed or just provide a safe space. I learned that for years many students have turned to Ms. Shaina during times like these because they know she truly cares, & they feel comfortable being vulnerable with her. She also goes into her own pocket to always keep a stock of snacks & water for any student who needs something more to eat. I know she doesn’t do these things for praise or recognition, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t immensely appreciated by many & I feel she absolutely deserves to be thanked for the extra love & kindness she shows our children.

    Rich Hogan (CIS Teacher)  Nominated by Jessica Mentz (Brown):  I know this is a longshot but I want to tell you how much of an impact that Mr. Hogan has made on me. I am a graduate of 2003 and if it wasn’t for him pushing me I probably would have never graduated. He pushed me to limits that I never thought I could handle. It’s such a nice feeling knowing that a teacher believes in you. Mr. Hogan has such a big heart and sees the good in all kids. Till this day I tell my kids about the best teacher I have ever had.

    Matt Kermen (LPHS Asst. Principal)  Nominated by Shara Florez, Keely Frazier and Bobby Hastings:  Flores:  He was helpful and kind throughout my senior year of high school. He is one of my favorite people and one of the kindest people I have in my life.  Frazier:  Mr. Kermen goes above and beyond every day as an administrator here at LP. In addition to doing an incredible job with his duties as the assistant principal he also has done much more. I honestly don't even know how he does it all. He is our team lead with ELC and one of the leaders in our shift to PBIS. He is constantly helping cover classes and for a while also responsible for the grades of several classes that we did not have teachers for. Even when asked to do this overwhelming amount of work he is still able to build positive relationships with students on campus and support staff in all of our needs. He is an LP superhero!  Hastings:  I've known Matt since he was first hired at Las Plumas. He has been a great coach, classroom teacher, and now Assistant Principal. Matt deserves more credit for the things he contributes to Las Plumas High. He's been an incredible asset to our students and staff.

    Stormy Nylander (PHS Cook/Manager)  Nominated by Jacqueline Deadmore:  Stormy takes pride in all areas of her work, making sure it maintains quality not just quantity. She's creative and resourceful. She's always up for trying something different. She's always professional and polite with anyone she interacts with.