The most important objective in all our emergency planning and practices is to keep our students safe. In order to meet that goal, we are implementing and practicing the most current procedures in partnership with our public safety responders.  Parents play a critical role in our partners hip. Parents provide the most help for their child’s safety by doing the following during an emergency situation at any school in the Oroville Union High School District:
    • Parents should not go to school, until they are directed where to go to pick up kids as outlined on the OUHSD website (www.ouhsd.org).
    • Parents should not call the school or district office for information during an incident  .  Doing so ties up phone lines that are also being used during an incident at one of our schools. Please access the OUHSD website for the most up to date information during emergency situations.  Schools will also use ConnectEd to contact parents and guardians via phone and/or email with up to date information on any major incident on any OUHSD campus. 
    • OUHSD will broadcast up to date information on our website (www.ouhsd.org), we will also allow students to use cell phones to notify parents of the incident if safe to do so . Schools will also use ConnectEd to contact parents and guardians via phone and/or email with up to date information on any major incident on any OUHSD campus.
    • Follow directions from the Police, Fire Departments, and/or school personnel and encourage other parents to do the same . The Police, Fire Department and/or school personnel are in charge of the situation until it is under control and they are doing what needs to be done in order to keep your child safe.
    • Do not believe everything you hear from the media.  Media information is often incomplete or even incorrect, especially in the beginning of an event when information changes from minute to minute. 
    • Discourage rumors . Rely on what you’re being told from public safety or school officials. We know you need information and we will be trying to get it to you in a timely manner.  
    • Remain calm. An emergency does not last forever. You will be reunited with your children as soon as possible. Try to keep other parents calm and centered as well. When you do reunite with your child, stay calm and show confidence in your child’s ability to safely handle the situation. Your confidence will help your child bounce back to normal.

    Once the situation is under control, the district and school sites will post information on their websites and send a ConnectEd message letting parents know the status of school (closed, open, etc) and/or where students can be picked up and checked out of school.  

    After an incident at school, watch for signs of unusual behavior from your child. Should your child have a reaction to an event, parents usually see the signs at home before anyone else.  Call the school or Butte County Mental Health for help.