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                                   Disregard this message if you are not going to Butte College next year

    Hello Reg2Go Seniors!

    If you are considering attending Butte College in the Fall of 2021, this information is for you. The term "Reg2Go" is what Butte College calls their enrollment process for high school seniors. The program will take you through the process of Orientation, Counseling and Registration. It simplifies Butte College enrollment and offers seniors priority registration for picking classes. Many students who participate in Reg2Go will either complete one of their amazing two-year cerification programs or transfer to a four-year university after completing general education requirements. If you would like to see what programs Butte College has to offer, visit this site: (Butte College Programs).

    This year, the Butte College Reg2Go process will be done virtually. The first step is to click this link: (Reg2Go Steps) and begin the registration process by completing steps 1-6.  Butte College has provided videos and tutorials for every step along the way. Please reach out to your high school counselor, should you get stuck on any of the steps.

    The Butte College "Reg2Go" program is free.  All students with a 2.0 GPA are eligible for the Promise Grant, which means your first two years of tuition are free, regardless of your financial situation. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), must be completed and submitted to be eligible for the Promise Grant. Please note, that even if Butte College is not your first choice, I recommend that you have a backup plan just in case your first choice falls through. There is no penalty to go through the process and pick classes.