• Special Education Information

      The Oroville Union High School District offers a full continuum of special education supports and services to all students who meet any of the 13 disability categories as defined by IDEA (2004).  Each student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be followed and meetings will be scheduled on an annual basis to review progress and update goals.  Each student with a disability in the district is assigned a Case Manager that is responsible for following their progress, coordinating services with all providers and communicating with the entire team.  Any questions or concerns about special education services should be addressed with the assigned Case Manager or the School Psychologist.  
      Las Plumas High School Psychologist: (530) 538-2310 ext. 2205
      Oroville High School Psychologist: (530) 538-2320 ext. 3345 
      Alternative Education Psychologist: (530) 538-2330
      Notice of Procedural Safeguards:
      Parents and Guardians of students with disabilities are afforded rights in the special education process.  A full copy of the Parent Rights and Procedural Safeguards document is to be offered to families at each annual Individual Education Plan meeting, and parents and guardians may ask any IEP team member questions about the process along the way.  The documents are located here in full, and are briefly summarized below.

      (This is not an official document) It is used as a verbal reference for IEP facilitators.

      • You have a right to be a member of the I.E.P. team to make decisions regarding the identification, evaluation, and educational placement of your child.
      • The I.E.P. team must consider your concerns regarding the education of your child.
      • You have a right to invite other people to the I.E.P. meeting.
      • You have a right to informed consent before signing, for example, the I.E.P., Assessment Plan, or permission to enroll.
      • You have a right to be informed of your child’s progress as often as parents of nondisabled children.
      • You have a right to an independent educational evaluation at public expense if you disagree with the District’s assessment.
      • You have a right to review records within 5 days of request.
      • You have a right to record via audio an I.E.P. meeting provided you give the IEP team 24 hour notice.
      • You have a right to be notified of suspensions and participate in meetings with regard to decisions on disciplinary actions or behavioral plans.
      • You have a right to request a mediation conference and/or due process hearing if issues cannot be resolved at the school level.

      Child Find Requirements 

      • Each special education local plan area submitting a local plan to the Superintendent under this part shall ensure that it has in effect policies, procedures, and programs that are consistent with state laws, regulations, and policies governing “child find and referral” (CA Education Code Section § 56205(a)(3).  

      • Having a coordinated system of identification and referral provides for meeting the legal requirements of each local educational agency (LEA) to actively and systematically seek out all individuals with exceptional needs, from birth to 21 years of age, inclusive, including children not enrolled in public school programs, who reside in a school district or are under the jurisdiction of a special education local plan area or a county office of education (CA Education Code § 56300).

        Child find activities are the responsibility of each district and occur prior to a referral for special education services. Under both federal and state statutes and regulations, school districts are required to locate, identify, and assess all children with disabilities who reside within the district. The child find requirement applies to all children who reside within a State, including children who attend private schools and public schools, highly mobile children, migrant children, homeless children, and children who are wards of the state. (20 United States Code [U.S.C.] § 1412(a)(3)). 

        If you believe your child may have special education needs, please contact your local school district or the Butte County SELPA.  The first step to determine if your child qualifies for special education services is to make a referral to your local education agency, or through the Butte County SELPA.

      The Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
      The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a support network provided and overseen by the Butte County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).  It is a group of professionals in the field of special education and parents who are dedicated to informing and supporting parents of children with disabilities.  Parents are encouraged to attend and participate.  For additional information about the CAC, please call the Director of Education at (530) 538-2300 ext. 1104.  

      Independent Child Advocates
      The Butte County SELPA has for many years held a contract with Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California, Inc., whose advocates help field parent concerns when parents are reluctant to work with district staff for whatever reason.  Acting as a liaison, they work collaboratively with the family and the district, and many times SELPA staff, to bring about meetings or resolutions without a need for other complaint processes.  Rowell Family Empowerment services are funded through grant funds from the SELPA Alternate Dispute Resolution grant.

      Another agency that parents often seek out to provide advocacy is Promotores of Northern Valley Catholic Social Service.  Part of the mission of Promotores is to advocate for the poor and vulnerable, and to contribute to freedom and independence.  They provide Court-Appointed Special Advocates (or CASAs) for students coming through the foster system without stable advocates of their own.

      Finally, Far Northern Regional Center (FNRC) is another resource for some families.  Individuals who receive services from Far Northern Regional Center may request assistance from a FNRC Client Rights Advocate retained by regional center from Disability Rights of California.  

      Marc Purchin of Purchin Consulting, Inc. has also provided training and consultative services to Butte County SELPA under our ADR grant.  Some of the documents he has shared at our events include the following:
      Tested Tips for IEP Meetings
      Listening to Parents as an Ally - Using Positive Communication Skills