Building Improvement Projects

  •    LPHS Rose Garden
    LPHS Rose Garden Makeover

      OHS Gym
    OHS Gym Paint Project

    New Exhaust System for Ag Welding

    DO Parking Lot
    DO Parking Lot

    Computer Lab
    Relocation of the OHS Computer Lab

    Walk In
    New Walk In at LPHS

    Window Tinting
    Window Tinting at LPHS

    LP Gym Floor
    LPHS Gym Floor

    LPHS 600 Wing Exterior Paint
    More Exterior Paint on LPHS 600 Wing 

    OHS Admin Paint
    Exterior Paint on the OHS Administrative Wing

  • LPHS Paint
    LPHS Paint Project

    Addition of Stainless Steel
    on Cafeteria Walls

    Water Filling Station
    Water Filling Station

    Pole Removal
    Pole Removal

    Locker Painting
    Locker Painting at OHS

    OHS Paint
    Exterior Painting at OHS

    OHS Paint
    Exterior Painting at OHS

    LP Gym Windows
    Windows Replaced in LPHS Gym
    and Boys Team Room

    600 Wing
    Exterior Paint on 600 Wing at LPHS

     LPHS Boys Locker Room
    LPHS Boys Locker Room Interior Paint

     OHS Gym
    OHS Weight Room Exterior Paint