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                                                     Counseling and Social Worker Services
    Each school has has traditional counseling, which includes academics and career planning.

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    Las Plumas High School and Oroville High School have three full-time counselors.  Prospect High School has one part-time counselor.  Each counselor is available to assist students with registration, academic planning, graduation requirements, financial aid, career planning and obtaining scholarships.   Please contact your student's counselor for more information.

    Las Plumas High School Counselors
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    A - G
    Ann McMahon
    538-2310, Ext. 2294

    H - Q
    Dave Croxell
    538-2310, Ext. 2202

    R - Z
    Stacey Lasagna
    538-2310, Ext. 2217
    Oroville High School Counselors
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    A - He
    Jennifer Blomquist
    538-2320, Ext. 3315
    Hi - Sa
    Patty Bauer
    538-2320, Ext. 3314
      Sb - Z
    April Silva
    538-2320, Ext. 3313

    Prospect High School Counselor
    Autumn McIntosh

      District Social Workers

    Erica Garman
    OHS - M, T, Th, F
    538-2320, extension 3389
    PHS/CDS - W

    Olivia Garcia
    LPHS - M, T, W, F
    538-2310, extension 2290

    PHS/CDS - Th